Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Poll!

you are all so jazzed to see a new poll, I just know it.

The question: What would you most like to see open shop in Anacostia?

Personally, I would like to see all of the above. No lie, I want a Garden District in Anacostia. I also want a Trader Joe's / Yes! Organic Market / Ellwood Thompson's / Whole Foods / Safeway. And an Elevation Burger. And a pub called The Sage and The Lion (two names for Fred Douglas .. I'll allow you to steal that idea).

But, if you had to choose one, which would it be?
poll is on the right, but please discuss in comments


IMGoph said...

i really think that there's no reason trader joe's shouldn't open a store east of the river. their priccs are really low, and affordable for most of the population. they would make a killing over there. would probably be their highest grossing store in the country if they could pull it off.

there's no reason i can see why they only have one store in the city.

Dale Banks said...

I voted for a garden store but I'd definitely be happy with a Trader Joe's. I trekked from my job in Northeast to Trader Joe's after work which took me an extra 35 minutes out of my way at least. How nice would it be for me to be able drive towards my house to the store.

Anonymous said...

This was a tough one because every time I went to click on something, I was stopped by an vision of the "grocery stores" and "restaurants" that we already have or the "bars/pubs" that I'm sure you could imagine already exisiting. The key is to making sure that it's done right...in a forward-thinking way, while still relevant to the community.

Anonymous said...

Like Dale, I would LOVE a garden community. So many of us have back yards and lots of green space for gardening. But, the idea of walking from Historic Anacostia to purchase fresh basil or green peppers would be a dream for our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

All of the choices are good ones, but it would be nice to talk to somebody at a SPORTS BAR, while watching sports (Redskins, United, etc.) in a classy environment with historic (and current)pictures of Anacostia on the wall.

Should Poplar point land a new soccer stadium, this place would be packed during major soccer events and might perhaps be an alternative to Navy Yard for fans of the Nats.

Matt Siemer said...

Oh, man--a sit down restaurant would be so great. Can you even imagine? Taking a load off, ordering some food, not having to carry it out the second your order's up...it's like a dream.

And when coupled with a couple useful Metro stations...

I need to stop thinking about this. It makes me sad.