Friday, October 24, 2008

Extreme Makeover: 1916 MLK Edition

okay, so the first picture is from april, but it kept the overgrown flaking paint chained up appearance until last week, when all of a sudden this aqua makeover started. Lookin' good.

if it looks jarringly sea-green in the pic, it really is pretty classy in person. and with its location right across from the future Anacostia Square (see reflection in the windows) and at the heart of the gateway, this is/will be a hot ticket spot for a jazzed-up storefront.

to lease this space, contact Douglas Development's Normal Jemal at 202-638-6300


IMGoph said...

looks good. if only they could get those gas meters moved somewhere other than the front of the buildings...

David Garber said...

i'm totally with you on that - and actually asked historic preservation why they wouldn't have extended the bay windows all the way to the ground.. but the meters were the things restricting that.

overall though, for what is pretty much a paint job and some new windows, it definitely looks better.