Thursday, October 6, 2011

Circulator Comes to Anacostia!

You've probably heard the buzz or seen the big red busses zipping through the neighborhood, but Anacostia gained a pretty big new public transportation amenity this week: The Circulator.

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The new Circulator route goes from Skyland / Hillcrest, down Good Hope Road, down MLK Avenue, then across to the Navy Yard, Barracks Row, and Harris Teeter.

To download the full route map and brochure, Click Here.


Anonymous said...

But it doens't stop anywhere! You have to walk blocks and blocks and blocks to get it to pick you up. What's the point?

I see it go down the street, and there are two people in it. It's a disaster, the way they have set it up. Totally useless.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the earlier comment, having to walk blocks and blocks to get pick up.
Where it should stop, it does not. I think the Circulator would have more riders if it stopped at metro stops that have heavy ridership -- Marbury Plaza for one.