Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MLK / Good Hope Public Art Survey

Art by committee often ends up being kinda watered down. But, since they're asking for community input, take a minute to give your thoughts on what might be done at the corner of MLK and Good Hope where the empty lot is now.

As I've mentioned before [see this blog post], I'd like to see a chalkboard of some sort asking the community a question. For example, something as simple as "If you owned this lot, what would you put here?" or "Love letters to Anacostia" then just paint lines for people to write their responses on. I can almost guarantee that that would be more interesting than another mural or artistic fence.

But, since I'm not the one deciding, check out this presentation on some potential ideas for the site:
1201-1203 Good Hope Rd Public Art

Then take this survey asking what Anacostia means to you and what you would like to see at the site. If you like the chalkboard idea, make sure to support it! :)

Reminder: this is a temporary installation. Do we really want to waste city money on something elaborate? The end goal here is to develop the site.


Sariane Leigh said...
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Sariane Leigh said...
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Sariane Leigh said...

Anacostia should erect the first Urban Park Fountain dedicated to Frederick Douglass.

Create a cultural watering-hole for people surrounded by Lion of Anacostia!

This town has so much material to make it unique but seems to keep missing the boat. So much history and info exists that people living here don't know about. We do public art that talks more about Captain John Smith being greeted by the Indians and about Frederick Douglas' life in Anacostia.

Ms. V said...

I like the chalkboard, but I think the light display would bring so much energy to that corner at night.

David Garber said...

Agreed. I also like the light display and the xeriscaping ... I'm just always a fan of being interactive and approachable. I won't be disappointed whatever happens... just want to be careful we aren't doing something than sends the message that the vacant lot is the priority rather than actually developing the site with something real.