Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prime Retail Space Now Available on MLK

One of the reasons MLK Avenue doesn't have a ton of retail (restaurants or otherwise) is that it hasn't had a whole lot of available retail spaces come available. A lot of the retail space is taken by office users or is unavailable/has absentee owners/not in good condition. But, over the past couple months two great - and adjacent - spaces have come available: 2019 and 2021 MLK Ave.

The building on the left is the old Anacostia Bank building, and the one on the right has been (probably should not share this if I want the space leased) a funeral home for a number of years.

the buildings now...

...and in the early 20th century (Photo: Library of Congress)

But, they are located on a great stretch of MLK, between U Street and V Street, next to The Hive, along the future Anacostia streetcar route.

The buildings themselves are pretty cool. One has an awesome fish scale transom (see above), and both kind of have that classic small town charm that makes Anacostia unique.

At just $25/square foot, these buildings would be great for anyone looking to start a new business or expand into a neighborhood that - with the success of Uniontown Bar & Grill - has proven itself able to support quality local eateries.

If interested, Click Here for the listings (scroll to see properties) or call broker Carla Merritt at 301-702-3200 x102.


Justin Fair said...

A nice lil promotion there! I need to check out's like a whole 'nother side of DC I'm never in...

kiki said...

we need a pizza place. or a mexican place.

David Garber said...

Might be time to petition your favorite spots to come! Make a facebook page!