Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Hope, Bad News

Oh 1357 Good Hope Road, how you tease us. First we were worried that you'd be demolished. Then we were excited when you were finally purchased. Now we see that you are back up for sale.

storefront was given a hackjob renovation

Turns out that CG Alliance, the Clarendon-based company who purchased the building last year and began renovations to make it their headquarters, lost a major contract and no longer needs / can afford to keep the building.

the back building could be a really awesome space

As you can see, they had begun renovations. Although they were not the most spectacular of renovations, I was encouraged that the building was staying and that the building would no longer be vacant.

see where they filled in some of the windows in back

The building has new windows, a new high-security fence, and a very odd-looking entrance treatment. Fortunately, the building at the rear of the property was not altered. As one of, if not the oldest existing commercial building on Good Hope, this building deserves a full restoration and an owner that wants this to be a jewel.

But, we're back to square one. Will the building be demolished by a new owner? Should the neighborhood rise up to nominate it for Historic Landmark status (if you're interested, let me know, most of the legwork has already been done) or absorb it into the Anacostia Historic District? What would you like to see at this prominent corner?

The properties, technically 1351-1357 Good Hope Road SE, are listed for sale as a bundle for $975,000. Click Here for the listing.



David, lets move to landmark it. I'll shoot you an email. - Charles

John M said...

As of last summer/fall 2010 (not sure how late into the year) there was an ABC hearing posting that had a hand written date from the early 1990's. Looking at the ABC hearing posting -- I thought to myself does this mean the building has sat unoccupied since the early 90's? Wouldn't be surprised.

I will post a photo on my blog about it.

I also support landmark nom. said...

I support the landmark here as well. This could easily be a Fragers hardward store type of place utilizing the storage in back. Could be a restaurant as well with a valet area in back. Personally, that fence is awesome. Maybe they got it to a level where someone might be encouraged to purchase.