Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New "mural" for Good Hope / MLK

you know the horribly depressing blue plywood at the corner of Good Hope and MLK? It'll be gone soon, thanks to the Department of Housing & Community Development, the Commission on the Arts & Humanities, and Billy Colbert - artist extraordinaire.

the new look

the corner as it appears today

The plywood will soon be replaced by a collage composition of recycled wood blocks and shiny orange metal that celebrates the gateway to Ward 8. The piece is intended as a temporary art installation, as DHCD is currently in the process of deciding how to best develop the property. Installation should begin this month.


Rob said...

Not a fan. The bright orange just doesn't blend well, and the dark brown tiles give an image of a cracking and decaying wall more than a sense of life.

Unknown said...

Hmm.. I'm not sure how I feel about this mural, but then, maybe the pic. just doesn't do it justice.

Unknown said...

What ever happened to true art murals?

sb101 said...

sb101 - The mural looks to signify a gateway to a divided, broken community - it looks like everything is individual, no cohesiveness.

boring said...

haated it