Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Chair Applies for Liquor License

It's no secret that the owners of Big Chair Coffee have been eying a future where hours are later, beer and wine (or a shot of Bailey's in your coffee) are sold, and the side patio is put to full use as a natural extension of the shop. Until now most of the energy has been put towards becoming established in the neighborhood and getting off their feet.

Well, Big Chair has been open for 5 months and the liquor license application is in the window! Prince of Petworth mentioned the license on his blog, and I commented that, like Bloomingdale's Big Bear, Big Chair is the first non-carry-out food option in the neighborhood and seems to want to be everything to everybody. Certainly negatives to that idea, but in general I tend to think the more establishments the better so long as the place is clean and isn't selling singles in brown paper bags. However, it will certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I'm definitely digging the idea of a Summer Garden. With MLK's not very wide sidewalks, this alley cafe space is prime real estate.

What do you think - is the license a good idea? Do you like the idea of sipping a cab sav under a string of lights in your own neighborhood?


Urban Suburbanite said...

ummmm... yeah. and let's get some more alcohol options at ray's the steaks while we are at it. we could start a Minnesota Ave/MLK Ave.

Ms. V said...

I'm indifferent. I do not think the space nor the vibe is conducive for inclusion of alcohol. I've been there on a weekday afternoon and seen teenagers working on their homework in groups. I can't quite tell from the photo is there is restricted hours for alcohol sales. But I think there needs to be consideration of creating an environment for our young people to have a space where they can be comfortable while also accomodating the libation desires of adults. Maybe restricting the hours of alcohol sales until after a certain hour.

My biggest concern is the potential impact on Uniontown getting their liquor license. From my understanding there were already concerns and rumblings of protest. I will admit I haven't been following it closely to know if that is true or not. If that is the case, this could add fuel to the fire.

If they get it, more power to them.

@Urban Suburbanite... Michael Landrum has made it very clear where he stands on hard liquor. He wants that restaurant to be family-oriented.

AnacostiaQ said...

I am for alcohol restrictions that are consistent with Capitol Hill and how they do it over there. California Pizza Kitchen serves alcohol as well as stuff for kids. That's why my family loves it.

There are responsible, professional and outright good people living in Anacostia. This is the 21st century. I'd hate to think that folks East of the Anacostia couldn't handle one (or two) establishments on MLK.

Like Capitol Hill though, there will need to be an increased police presence and strong neighborhood that reports crime.

Also, LIGHT RAIL will help connect folks from Congress Heights up to Good Hope and beyond (residents and workers) which should generate more foot traffic.

My thoughts...

The Advoc8te said...

Of course I am on board 100%. Why would we assume that people East of the River can't handle a beer with their dinner and still be responsible? I would much prefer sit down restaurants and bars as opposed to the raggedy liquor stores that seem to crowd every block. I save my contempt for them because they really do nothing positive for the neighborhood. They encourage loitering and littering.

Very excited if Big Chair and Uniontown get liquor licenses. :)