Friday, April 2, 2010

Home with a Douglass View

I've always loved this tan stucco house on 14th Street SE, right across from Cedar Hill, the estate home of Frederick Douglass.

It's an awesome thing when people care for their homes, and these owners clearly do.

Question: does anyone know why the foundation is so high? To make room for a cellar?


Sean Hennessey said...

i would think for old houses, its just to get you up and away from the dust and the mud of the streets. were there even sidewalks when those houses were built?

also, you could jump on your horse from the porch. ; )

Kay said...

I bet the foundation is so high to keep it in-line with the house next door (which was probably built at the same time). It looks like the street is a bit of a hill.

But that's just my guess.