Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anacostia Neighborhood Library Progress

The new library at 1800 Good Hope Road is nearing completion! I think it's going to look fine, though I question the heavy use of concrete block (starting to get sick of it over here...) and stainless steel panels. The landscaping around this building will, if done well, make all the difference.

the view up Good Hope Road looking northeast

the view looking west, down Good Hope. Notice the "beacon" tower that will be lit up

U.S. Embassy in Iraq? Nope, just the side view of the library. Again, landscaping will be Key

I like this bright green more than I thought I would. It lends a playful crown to the heavy parts of the building

this large oak tree was saved in the west yard, which will also include a new rain garden

Completion is still estimated for this spring. Can't wait to take full advantage of this neighborhood amenity (said like a true son of a librarian)!


ginger said...

As a librarian, I appreciate the sentiment. Ah, libraries!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Anonymous said...

This is not meant as a put down but it sort of has a Mazda dealership vibe. It's a lively, cool looking modernist building. Concrete block is (relatively) inexpensive, and resilient to vandalism. Alot of neighborhood libraries in the midcentury period had a similar vibe, perhaps a tad more "civic" looking, but with a similiar character. They often were done in brick, perhaps by using metal and conc. block it "contemporizes" the design and have it not being so obviously "retro".

stan said...

I actually like the design...not as cool as the Adjaye designs for Wash Highlands or Francis Gregory libraries, but i like the modernist vibe

Anacostiaque said...

I agree with you on the concrete blocks. For some reason, we seem to see a lot of development over here with the concrete block feature...salvation army, next to Morgans, Ana library, etc....

Anonymous said...

Concrete block goes up quickly and affordably and is essentially a "finished" surface. A bit more expensive and not used to much around here but should be is "quikbrik", It's a concrete block/brick hybrid that has the texture and finish of brick but works like concrete block. Conc block is 8" x 16", brick is usually 4" x 8" and is a surface applique in alot of cases often applied to concrete block. It really comes down to affordability and in some cases fire safety ratings.