Thursday, December 3, 2009

Under Contract: 1357 Good Hope Road

1357 Good Hope Road, the historic building (oldest existing building on Good Hope past 13th Street ... corner market since Douglass' day) many of us feared would meet with the wrecking ball, is under contract. The sale is expected to go through this week (fingers crossed).

it really is a bookend / gateway to the historic district. totally worth saving.

Rumor has it that a tech company from Virginia will restore the building as its new headquarters. The company is relocating to Anacostia to be close to the new Department of Homeland Security / Coast Guard HQ at St. Elizabeths just up MLK Ave.

This (potential) sale marks one of the first concrete examples of the economic development domino effect of Homeland Security on our neighborhood.

from the Warehouse Supermarket ... love how long 1357 is and the staggered windows (here's hoping 1st floor windows are restored)

Very Good News for Anacostia and for the larger DC pro-preservation community. ... if in fact this news is as certain as I hope.

photos by DG-rad



This is great news...and even better that some appreciates the historic character of our hood :-).

Anonymous said...

Rivereast is an interesting market right now, prices seem to be finding their way to a base on the residential side as banks continue to dispose of properties and seem to be the price leaders.

Most purchases seem to be investors as many are large cash amounts and the rental is suspect at best given the issues involved.

Brave souls still seem to believe the future of the region is up, but nothing in life is easy nor a straight line.

Anonymous said...

Should highlight the environmental science engineering business on Good Hope west of MLK. There's more professional offices in Old Anacostia than people think.