Friday, October 2, 2009

Industrial Bank opening soon!

I haven't covered this story much, but a branch of Industrial Bank is about to open in the Anacostia Gateway building at the corner of MLK and Good Hope. It is the first retailer to open in the building, which is still waiting for one more ground floor tenant.

the sign is now above the ATMs in the front room

the interior is very yellow, but pretty sleek

a few historical images of other Industrial Banks are printed on glass as room dividers

another view of the lobby, facing Good Hope Road

ever wanted to see the guts of an ATM?

Although there are many things besides a bank that we hope to see open in downtown Anacostia, this is a great first step. Having good-looking and established retailers set up shop here shows others that it's an okay place to be.


Anonymous said...

The Anacosita Branch of Industrial Bank will open it's doors to the public on Tuesday, October 13th at 9am. Please stop by as Industrial Bank celebrates providing 75 years of financial services to our community.

Hustle Crow said...

Thanks for visiting Industrial Bank this morning. I invite all who read this blog to visit the new Anacostia location!