Friday, May 22, 2009

River East gets some positive press

one of my favorite houses on Maple View in Historic Anacostia

The Examiner ran a great article yesterday featuring the River East section of DC (our neck o' the woods). It focuses on the areas revival, its energy, and is a refreshing take on what many of us already know.

Here's an excerpt:

The neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River — Congress Heights, Hillcrest and Anacostia, to name a few — are beginning to provide affordable and accessible housing options only minutes from downtown. Historic row homes, condominiums and town houses set on the rolling hills and bluffs of Southeast feature incredible views of the city, access to Metro and major roadways, and competitive pricing levels.

Homesteaders who have settled into these neighborhoods resent being broadly labeled as in “Anacostia” when things go wrong, and feel slighted by the tag “east of the River,” which sounds to them like “the other side of the tracks.” They refer to the area as “River East,” and the name change has become a rallying cry in their efforts to transform long-held perceptions.

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Brandon said...

Great find! I'd missed it.

The Advoc8te said...

Was very happy with this post. Even better things on the rise for River East! Now if we can only get a new law abiding councilmember (sorry I couldnt help it). LOL!

Anonymous said...

It is so funny how "homesteaders" resent their new community being called "east of the river". They had no problem with the title when they lived in northwest DC.