Wednesday, March 4, 2009

last week's new street trees

this is another "revealing the power of the DC Service Request Center" post, because last week I noticed that a bunch of street trees requested last year were finally planted.

a bunch planted all the way up Valley Place

corner of Valley and High

16th Street, between V and U. More are on the way.

near the corner of 14th and Good Hope (Fairlawn side)

V Street, between 15th and 16th

It's as simple as putting in a request for the specific block or address you would like to see street trees on. Although the process can take as long as a year, the benefits are totally long-term. If you see newly-planted trees on your block, please water them!


The Advoc8te said...

I hope we get our trees soon! I put in a request last year as well.

If you guys dont have them you should get the gator bags. They come free from the city. That bags water the trees two weeks at a time. I think they have an upgraded gator bag but I can not think of what it is called to save my life.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you got the trees! Tree requests are taken throughout the year by the DC call center. As well UFA DDOT arborists locate trees in places where they are best suited, and have room for their specific needs.But the reason it may take a while to see them go in the ground, is that we only plant them in the winter months form Dec. through March. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I am the Arborist for Ward 8 I can answer any questions you may have about plantings or removals.

Milan Davis
202 497 5085