Monday, January 26, 2009

Honfleur Gallery: 2 years later

Anacostia's own Honfleur Gallery turned two on January 20, and it's still as fresh as ever.

...and they have a great storefront and logo to boot!

some reflections:

i don't go to every show, but just knowing that it is around the corner is an incredible thing. The fact that there was a cool gallery a couple blocks away was a big factor in my own decision to move to the neighborhood. Things must be happening here: art had arrived.

Honfleur is a staple of neighborhood amenity descriptions, e.g. "we have an art gallery, a coffee shop is about to open, we're in a historic district, ..."

but the gallery is also a legitimate force in the DC art scene. this is a place that draws artists from the around the world, cared enough to send neighborhood residents to northern ireland last year as part of a cultural exchange, and is host to poetry slams, artsists-in-residence, and anyone who happens to walk down Good Hope and inside its crayola-bold blue walls.

"What!? This is here!?" is a reaction Honfleur directors Amy Cavanaugh and Briony Evans love hearing. On a street that until two years ago hadn't seen much of a direct investment in culture, the gallery is a pleasant, refreshing, and instantly engaging surprise.

so if you haven't visited, do so for your own benefit. Looking for an excuse? a closing reception for the current exhibit (John K. Lawson's "Fragile") will take place on Friday, January 30th, from 6-8 PM.

happy birthday, Honfleur - cheers to many more!

photo by DG-rad

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