Friday, June 13, 2008

Consultants Advise Against Metro HQ Move to Anacostia

From the Associated Press:
Metro consultants are advising against relocating the transit agency's downtown D.C. headquarters to Anacostia or Prince George's County, saying the move would be too expensive.

Metro consultant Eric Smart told the board of directors Thursday that selling the downtown office and constructing a new one would cost the cash-strapped agency as much as $69 million
While this is definitely a setback, I don't see it as the nail in the coffin. In any case, DC Government agencies aren't always the best revitalizers, so hopefully this means something better will eventually be developed in its place. Never loved the "will look very dated five years from now" design, either. Bitter? No, I just don't see this as bad news.

photo courtesy of the DMPED's site

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