Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anacostia Library Demolition

yep, that was a library, not a factory

This afternoon residents, students, librarians, and officials met at the Anacostia Community Library to officially begin demolition of the old (and already vacated) structure.

The neighborhood library's Cheif Librarian Ginnie Cooper even had the chance to to do some of the demolition. As someone who had to work in the dated structure, I'm sure her position in the wrecker's driver's seat allowed her the chance to release pent up angst about the old building.

Councilwoman Yvette Alexander, flanked by a 5th grade class at Ketcham Elementary, spoke about how great this project is for Ward 7 and how there will be more libraries in her ward than any other ward in the city (5):


...and a reminder of what the new library will, conceptually at least, look like:

photos by DG-rad


Chopin Girl said...

To be fair, the library did not look like a factory, at least on the front. I'm sure they stripped A LOT weeks before the demolition. But when opened, it looked like all of the other DC public libraries (minus MLK, which is supposed to look different, etc).
It's kind of sad to see this go and to see it change, like everything else in Anacoista. I went to it, my father and his siblings studied in it and my grandparents took us all there. I have to admit, tears welled up in my eyes as I saw these pics. Things definitely are changing in Anacostia. Probably (and hopefully), for the better.

Anonymous said...

How many libraries are in Ward 8?

Anonymous said...

Chopin Girl, I beg that you do not romanticize the past and the ill state of Anacostia's resources and development. I welcome the change that meets the needs of the community. As a new resident for the last 4 years, I am so excited to see developments such as these in Southeast. The new design is fresh and opens up literal and figurative light for what it means to study and learn in Southeast

David Garber said...

there are 2 libraries in Ward 8: the Parklands-Turner Community Library and the Washington Highlands Branch Library.

Chopin Girl said...

Anon #2:
I'm not romanticizing the ill state, I'm remembering fond memories of my childhood in Anacostia, which is not fair for you to question. And yes, there can be fond memories for folks who were raised in Anacostia as in anywhere else in the world.
But what is fair is considering new things that would uplift Anacostia's image and quality of life, which I agree this new library is doing. And as you are a resident of Anacostia, I do hope that you do take into consideration the history that was there well before you and try not encourage that to be buried. That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you see that Freelon Group just won an award for its design of Anacostia's new branch library? More details at

I like their design for our branch (Tenley-Friendship) as well.