Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Neighborhood in the New York Times

There is an excellent article in the New York Times today -our press is getting more and more widespread- titled "A Comeback Story Decades in the Making". It's just too bad that they chose pictures of places not in actual Anacostia (but still in greater Ward 8), making it look like we are some Anywhere, USA suburb.

I like that there is a Giant in Ward 8, I don't like that it looks like this:

courtesy of the New York Times

Instead, this is the pattern new development should follow, and hopefully even more dense:

Summer on MLK
Photo by DG-rad

Here is a clipping:
...ambitious projects are expected to inject new life into the old Anacostia historic district, whose Martin Luther King Avenue resembles an early-20th-century Main Street. A new 600,000-square-foot $77 million headquarters is to be built there for the city’s Department of Transportation, housing 800 workers.

The developer Doug Jemal, an investor in downtrodden areas that ultimately revive, is poised to take advantage of the changes. Mr. Jemal owns three small commercial buildings in old Anacostia that are currently empty and is eager to assemble more parcels to create a commercial, retail and residential development. “It’s going to take time, but it’s certainly going to turn around,” he said.
Definitely take time to read the article. It may not be new information for all, but it is nice to begin to join the ranks of other more NYTimes'ed about neighborhoods (cough cough H Street NE).

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