Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anacostia's Own Vegan Soul Chef

Featured in the Washington Post Food section!

I hope many of you had the chance to sample Levita Mondie-Sapp's amazing chili at the Chili Bowl Bonanza last month at the farmers' market- if you look at my pictures from the event you can see her smiling as she dishes it out. Yesterday the Post ran an article about her mission to promote a new spin on soul food:
Mondie-Sapp's dishes are meatless and healthful, yet no one seems to mind. That's how eating habits can change, she says, referring to her one-woman campaign. "This is not an area known for liking vegetarian," she says with a thoughtful, intent gaze and quiet confidence. "But I've been able to show people that this food can be good."
And this (which I have been wondering for a while now...):
There's proof that the teacher's revolution is gaining a foothold in Southeast. Mondie-Sapp recently won the grand prize and her third consecutive "People's Choice" award in the annual chili cook-off held at the Anacostia Farmers Market.
What can we do to make this happen?
Someday, Mondie-Sapp would love to make Vita's Eatery a bricks-and-mortar enterprise right near her home -- maybe a cafe on the bottom and cooking classes upstairs, where she could teach people the benefits of a diet based on whole foods and whole grains.
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Click Here for her award-winning chili recipe!


Anonymous said...

I'd lik eto know how to be in touch with Vita's eatery, for catering events, etc. My email is phone number is 202-232-2915.
maria firmino-castillo

Anonymous said...

I too would like Vita's info... how do we get in touch with her??

Please let me know,

Chris O.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to be in touch with Vita's:


Golden Silence said...

Thank you for posting this article. Her recipes sound delicious.

It'd be awesome if her plans for a restaurant/cooking school come into fruition.