Thursday, July 26, 2007

the Honfleur Gallery is one of the crown jewels of historic anacostia. Located at 1241 Good Hope Rd SE, the gallery is situated across the street from the under-construction Anacostia Gateway project. It doesn't announce itself in any loud way from the street, but instead invites the casual walker-by in with clean lines and whitewashed walls.

NPR recently aired a story featuring the Honfleur that includes interviews and a commentary on the changing neighborhood. Listen Here

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of "Anacostia Exposed" last month. The show is composed of black and white photographs of the neighborhood and its residents by a Northern Irish artist, accompanied by inspired poetry by local poets and students. The evening was closed with about an hours worth of poetry readings in the gallery's second floor.

let's just say it was brilliant, and renewed my faith in the DC arts community. Definitely check out the Honfleur.

photo portion of graphic courtesy of flickr user photo_obscura


dubs said...

seconding the kudos for "Anacostia Exposed" and the Honfleur...beautiful stuff, inspiring place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the support! Anacostia Exposed is a must see for anyone who is curious for a realistic, poignant picture of the community. Its up until August 18th. Check out the site for info on upcoming exhibits and a couple of arts workshops for local youth.

anacostia_poet said...

thanks for spreading the word about this on your blog. I am the poet who facilitated the workshops that produced the poetry on the walls during Anacostia Exposed exhibit. It's good to see someone so excited about living here in Anacostia.
thanks again,
Fred Joiner