Friday, July 1, 2011

Responses to Anacostia Streetcar Meeting

Here are two great response articles to this week's Anacostia Streetcar meeting:

Substantive Streetcar Discussion! Is Anacostia Done Saying ‘No’?
Washington City Paper
"The District Department of Transportation has has whittled down its original ten options for the Anacostia streetcar line to a more manageable four since its last public meeting in the neighborhood—and may have tamped down some of the skepticism east of the river as well."
DDOT gets closer to an Anacostia streetcar alignment
Greater Greater Washington
"Last night's meeting was more productive than the March meeting because residents were able to talk with DDOT staff and examine the options more closely. In March, residents discussed the options in small groups, then presented to the whole room. It was a good opportunity for dialogue, but also gave some opponents an opportunity to grandstand against the project.

The next stage in the planning process is to develop a locally preferred alternative, which DDOT hopes to do by late fall. There is a "no-build" alternative which maintains existing transportation options. DDOT would then reallocate funds for the project to other areas."
As much as we're all a little worn down by the process, I'm glad to see the city give some new options -- and think that the alternative that brings the line on both MLK and Shannon will have the best impact on the neighborhood.

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