Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspiration: Corner of MLK & Good Hope

This is what I want to see at the newly-empty lot at the corner of MLK and Good Hope. Here are some great examples from around the country:

in Fairbanks, Alaska -- what a cool way to get community input! Photo from this great Fast Company article.

I mean, you can't go wrong. Found this while traveling through Boulder, Colorado.

This is in New Orleans, by Candy Chang, the same artist as the Alaska one. Love it.

How perfectly would this fit in Anacostia? See more details here.

What do you think? Wouldn't this be 100% perfect for the empty lot at the corner of MLK and Good Hope? Set up a couple chalkboards, paint a question or two... would probably cost about 300 bucks. Who's in?


Danielle Scruggs said...

I'd love to do this! How do we make this happen?

The Advoc8te said...

LOVE IT! Let's do this.

Unknown said...

I like this idea.

GF said...

No Way!!!! I see to much negative graffitti and gang signatures tagged throughout the community...dont want to read a lot of profanity and signs that say rest in peace JoJo....sorry not interested