Wednesday, March 9, 2011

React Radio Moving to 1918 MLK

A new radio station is launching in DC, and they've chosen Anacostia for their headquarters. React Radio (WPWC 1480AM) will be a DC-based, globally-minded progressive music and talk radio station, and will be broadcasting from the former Mama Cole's space at 1918 MLK Avenue.

will be interested to see how the exterior and signage changes

The station's content is "designed to provoke thought and action and serve as an alternative to commercial radio." Their missions is to provide "a media platform to empower, engage, entertain and educate people."

renovations are fully underway on the interior

Cheers to a new addition to the neighborhood, and to the only station broadcasting east of the Anacostia River!

Although their website is not yet operational, you can follow progress at their blog:


H Street Landlord said...



to empower, engage, entertain and educate people."

It sounds like the River East Emerging Leaders mission!

Welcome to our hood.

Anonymous said...

I hope they install a huge glass front window where one of the studios broadcast from. That'll be cool.

Unknown said...

That totally rocks! Brainpower radio.

Isaac Shmaschemov said...

Isaac Shmaschemov approves this message!!!

Making Revolution Sexy said...

this sounds like a real testimony to the true legacy of Martin Luther King in his speech of April 4th 1967

ExtraBlack said...

I hope they play some "good music" no commercial BS. There are enough stations spreading poison already