Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Hope, Good News

La Threadz, Anacostia's only boutique clothing store, is moving into new digs just across from their current space at 1345 Good Hope Road. This is a good thing.

the new La Threadz space is the one-story red/orange building

The new space is just to the right of American Shottas, the neighborhood music shop that has a huge selection of local stuff. No word on what will happen with La Threadz' existing space, below.

this building always had a weird McDonalds vibe to me

The owner told me that the new building has a better layout than their current space, and that they will be moving their existing signage across the street.

I do love this little stretch of Good Hope...

As you can see from the above photo taken this past fall, the building is literally across the street. The new space used to house a church, and as you can see, used to be a natural brown brick.

The official move is slated to take place in the next one or two months.


Golden Silence said...

Sorry to go off topic, but there will be a community safety audit for Stop Street Harassment and Holla Back DC this Sunday afternoon and this upcoming Wednesday evening, and volunteers are very much needed in Wards 7 and 8. Here's a TBD news story with more info.

I hope any of your Anacostia readers can get involved!

Golden Silence said...

And on topic: Yes, those colors do give it a McDonald's/Burger King vibe. The combo of red and yellow is usually used on fast food restaurants like that because studies show they induce hunger. Also, from afar that window looks like where you'd go to place your food order. La Threadz should've tried different colors at their old place to give it a more boutique-like vibe.