Sunday, March 27, 2011

Metrobus A-Line Survey

WMATA is studying their A bus lines that wind through Anacostia and Congress Heights, and have produced a survey asking riders questions like which lines they use, where they typically board, and what times they use the lines.

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The A Line routes have a combined weekday ridership of about 15,000 passengers, which is one of the highest riderships in the Metrobus system. The goal of the study and survey is to make improvements to the lines and make the bus riding experience more convenient and efficient for riders.

Click Here and scroll down to participate in the online survey

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1 comment:

Sariane Leigh said...

Do you think most people riding the A have internet access to complete this survey? Can we think other ways to gather more accurate data than using survey monkey? Am I underestimating the Digital Divide in Southeast?

Just throwing it out there.