Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the Food Truck mini-party

this morning, DC Slices, Red Hook Lobster Pound, and Curbside Cupcakes all made it out to Historic Anacostia. And they all had eager and excited customers!

Red Hook Lobster Pound chilling in front of Vivid Solutions

Curbside Cupcakes took the spot in front of Uniontown

DC Slices was hiding out set up on V Street just off MLK

Note to office workers and residents: Shhh, if you keep this up, retailers might learn the Anacostia secret and actually move in to take advantage of your business!


hannah kate flora said...

Love this post.

Why are food trucks so fun?!

negosyo franchise said...

The food truck business is a real great thing. I don't see what's bad in great diverse tastes, low cost food and great people. I sure prefer it over any fast food restaurant in the local mall.