Friday, December 3, 2010

W Street Townhomes & Condos Financed!

It's been a long time coming, but Four Points' W Street townhomes and condos project (likely to be called something like Cedar Hill Row) has finally received financing! Stan Voudrie of Four Points, the developer, gave me the good news today that his company has entered into a joint venture partnership with a publicly-traded regional homebuilder to begin construction in 2011. Final building permits still need to be issued, and a formal announcement about the deal is expected early next week.

a slightly outdated aerial rendering - Click to Enlarge

Located the corner of W Street SE and 13th Street SE, the development is the first significant new-construction residential project in Historic Anacostia, and is on the same block as Big Chair Coffee and the under-construction Uniontown Bar & Grill. The project is comprised of 32 condo units, 7 townhouses, and a rebuilt single-family home that will replicate a structure that sat on the site until it was demolished last year.

This is amazing news for the neighborhood because until now one of its greatest deficiencies is its lack of housing diversity. You either buy a condo in an old mid-century low-rise apartment building conversion, a total fixer-upper, or a houseflip (and those aren't all bad ... wink wink). People like options, and this project will help fill in some of the gaps.


Anonymous said...

How do we find out about pricing?

AnacostiaQUE said...

Thanks for posting. This is really great news. As long as we don't get a cheesy looking housing product, I think we will be okay. Residents over here are pretty savvy and they tend to put the word out when products don't seem to live up.

David Garber said...

Anonymous: pricing has not been announced yet - but I know the development team will start marketing as soon as they can. I will link to the official announcement when that comes (hopefully today) and will be keeping everyone in the loop.

AnacostiaQUE: I agree - especially being a historic district, we need to continue to make sure that what is developed in the neighborhood is to an extremely high standard. Otherwise we don't want it. We've seen what happens.. cough cough W & 16th ..

DLS said...

My girlfriend and I just moved into our house on Nov. 8 and we are extremely excited about the growth and potential of the neighborhood! Thanks!