Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Deli Coming to MLK and V Street

I was walking around the neighborhood the other day and ran into some news about 2026 MLK Avenue, the building just to the left of Fireside Restaurant: a new deli and convenience store called 2nd Chance is moving in.

The owner wants to differentiate from other options in the neighborhood, so it will be interesting to see if their sandwiches and "convenience" items are different from those offered at other places just up the block.

From what I understand, permits are being sought for interior improvements, and the owner is open to the idea of not using bulletproof glass inside (although apparently had a bad experience at another shop he owns in the District).

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Anacostiaq said...

I think we have to go with no bulletproof glass on this one - if we want to change the image along MLK Ave.

On a related note, how do all of those Asian stores stay in business, being they are situated so close to each other selling similar products? Their stores seem to be the biggest displayers of bullet proof glass. Why can't they contribute to the area and get into something a little more high end? It seems like a few stores could open up bricked in windows, change products and transition into something more reflective of the future. There are THREE Asian owned stores selling similar products (sodas, chips, etc.) within a one block radius between Talbert St and Thurgood Marshall Academy. I think a 7-Eleven or CVS is a future no-brainer.