Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EDC HQ Expansion Finally Underway

The headquarters expansion project for Environmental Design & Construction (on Good Hope Road just below MLK) has finally started back up! The company had outgrown its current building on the site, so acquired the two adjacent historic structures and is now working to completely restore the exteriors and build it out as one space on the inside.

you can see where they have begun connecting the two buildings on the inside

my favorite signage mural, which will be preserved as an interior wall

the back of both buildings will be restored/rebuilt along MLK

I love projects like this because they are exactly the type of development that will bring Anacostia into a greener and functional future. Here's a professional company that has chosen Anacostia as its home base, and is retrofitting existing vacant buildings to do so.

The Rippeteau Architects-designed project is expected to receive a LEED Silver certification.


Anonymous said...

I am a new resident of Congress Heights. I will say that the Ward 7 and 8 blogs are very refreshing. It instills a sense of pride for community. Progression is in the air East of the River.

David Garber said...


Fairlawn lady said...

Looking forward to some nice things to look at whilst sitting at the bottom of the 11th street bridge. Love the lit Anacostia sign too.

i said...

Thank you for this blog (I agree with what the Anonymous user said) and I really just appreciate being updated on forward progress in Ward 7 and 8 area...I hope to get involved in local projects as well :)