Friday, June 4, 2010

so I'm moving "a few blocks away"

In full neighborhood blogger disclosure, I have to be honest about this or else it will somehow get awkward: I'm moving out of my house in Anacostia. Not because I don't believe in this neighborhood, not because I don't absolutely love my house, and not because I was scared away by some kids who waved guns at me a few months back.

I live in a four bedroom house, and all three of my roommates are moving out for various reasons (school and otherwise), so rather than trying to find a bunch of new people, I'm renting the whole thing out and relocating to The Closest Residential Building to Anacostia (in the Navy Yard Near Southeast).

Truth is, I love Anacostia to death (don't test me on that one). I just didn't feel like living in a big house and feeling burdened by being the "landlord roomate" with a bunch of people I find on Craigslist. And at this stage, Anacostia doesn't have a very diverse housing stock outside of new condos and old houses.

I will still be in Anacostia every day restoring houses, working with ARCH and others to revitalize MLK and Good Hope, and just kind of pretending that the move never happened.

So, I'm sure this is all too much information, but people can get nasty online and like to invent motives. The blog will continue. The love will continue. I can see Anacostia from my apartment. It's all good.


JD said...

Actually inside the Navy Yard?

(this is why I don't like "Navy Yard" as a name for the neighborhood near the Navy Yard.)

Anonymous said...

It's ok homie.. I think there's a few of us who will be temporarily relocating elsewhere. Heck, there was a quadruple shooting in walking distance from my home a few weeks ago. I can't say that makes me want to stay here either. River East takes its toll on forward thinking people.

It's important to note you don't have to live in River East to be a part of it. There are folk who have lived here for ages and haven't lifted a finger to develop the community the way you have.

Bravo to you and good luck

David Garber said...

fine, Near Southeast. I always call it Navy Yard because I like giving it a little more weight, but no, I will not be within the walls. :)

(uh oh, now I'm subject to another hood's semantics. haha)

JD said...

If the Navy Yard didn't exist anymore, then I'd have no problem with that as a neighborhood name. But it just doesn't work when there's still a functioning entity with that name, because it will always need clarification as to whether it's the Yard itself or the environs.

That said, Near Southeast will be proud to have snagged you!

Anonymous said...

Hey DG,

welcome to near SE, we here in The Front are happy to have such a fine community member as you as one of our neighbors and we all can get across the river to continue contributing to Anacostia and the River East community.

Your reasoning for simplifying is very understandable, running a rooming house is one thing, living in it at the same time can feel quite bohemian after a while--where's my beer!?


Anonymous said...

i like calling it navy yard, but thats we what called that area before the Expos were even a glint in washingtonian eyes.

plus i'd far rather reference the navy, than the baseball stadium or the location within the quadrant.

but call it whatever you want JD.

Paul said...

Capitol Riverfront =)

Anonymous said...

the capitol riverfront runs from bolling airforce base up to the palisades. rfk is also the capitol riverfront.why not use a name that is more specific?

Anonymous said...

so you'll still be gentrifying southeast? bummer.