Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Renovation Central on 1600 Block of V

In the last two years, 4 of the first 5 houses going up the hill on the 1600 block of V Street have been renovated. And they don't look half bad!

1610 V Street, the tan one below, sure looks great with its faux-brick shingle siding gone, its porch restored, and a fresh coat of paint (among other improvements). Before:

And After. Glad to see the old fence was preserved, and some new landscaping put in. Too often these houses are renovated or built, then never graced with any new plants.

The house is currently for sale for a very reasonable (I think way too reasonable) $199,000. Say what? Check the listing Here.

[Update 6/25/10: House is under contract.]


IMGoph said...

wow, how has that house been on the market for (as of now) 35 days? that's mind-blowing. someone is going to get a deal!

David Garber said...

I think so. they house is not 100% done but pretty much. I think it will go pretty fast.

Anacostiaq said...

I saw it inside and out. I think the problem is one of space. The living room was small, other rooms nice size, but there was pretty much no place else to hang out other than the (3) bedrooms to offset the small living room. The lot is sizeable and the finishes are great. The area might not be the most appealing to everyone, but it is a house in DC close to downtown at a decent price.

Anonymous said...

I think Anacostiaq has it. A friend went to go see it right when it went on the market and I guess there was a daunting amount of work still to be done and layout was a bit weird and she wasn't quite sure how she, as a single woman, would feel on that street,yet. BUT it was sure nice enough to get her over the river to go look and not feel, by any means, like it was a waste of time.