Thursday, April 8, 2010

New House on 14th

This new house on 14th Street is making a lot of progress. Built by the same company as the next door neighbor, it also has wood clapboard on the front and should fit into the neighborhood quite nicely.

This house is nice because it fronts the Frederick Douglass house and lawns, is on a decent-sized lot, and is a little wider than many of the older homes in the neighborhood.


IMGoph said...

no side windows at all? is that required because of the historic district?

David Garber said...

I know .. not ideal. Doesn't have to do with the historic district. Usually you see this when there is a buildable lot next door that can be built right up against the house, but here there is obviously a side yard. Not sure the motivation for the windowless side.

During design review (Historic Anacostia Design Review Committee) we tend to suggest adding side windows, but unless they are existing or on a corner lot, the developer doesn't have to add them.

David said...

This house located at 2237 14th Street SE has been made ACTIVE in the MAR.

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