Monday, February 8, 2010

14th Street Twin Update

So happy to see this house get a high-quality restoration. It has gone from a vinyl-clad facade eyesore to a handsome wood-sided beaut.

but still way too many overhead wires ... wondering if they are all still active

I think they are keeping it white, which I am not opposed to

doesn't the porch look great?

This is the kind of homebuilding we need more of - and are fortunate to be getting - here in Anacostia. I'm excited to see the final product!


Anacostiaque said...

Homebuilding (as in new homes) or home restoration (as in existing homes)? Or maybe both in Anacostia...

BTW, I like the restoration of existing properties and I'm glad to see this happening.


Lady Lauren said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Fantastic! Great! Wonderful! I LOVE all of them! I don't live there but I have walked those streets and these pictures make me feel almost as good as orphans being adopoted. The photos are beautitastic too!