Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stadium Announcement Soon


According to Bruce Johnson's blog, the DC Council is supposed to introduce and vote on a bill next Tuesday that would bring a soccer-specific stadium to Poplar Point.
Details of the bill are still being worked out; but sources say the measure would see developer Victor Macfarlane own the stadium. One Councilman under questioning from this reporter said Macfarlane would be expected to build much of the stadium with his own financing.
Looks like this is really starting to happen. (thanks for the link, rob)

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As vague as both of these sources stay on the issue, it seems that an announcement about a DC United stadium at Poplar Point is expected soon. With its integration into the larger Poplar Point context, this is a project that would do quite a lot to bring people and vitality into the neighborhood.

Mayor Fenty on Comcast Sportsnet:

DC United President Kevin Payne on Forbes.com:

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Good news (it seems, but on never knows for sure) on the stadium front: