Thursday, May 29, 2008

brickwork at 1909-1919 MLK

Although they are still working on tearing down the back portions of these structures, work has already begun on the facade brickwork. It looks like they are replacing / adding mortar to strengthen it, as the facades are going to be preserved in front of whatever gets built as part of Douglas Development / AEDC's Anacostia Square.

photos by DG-rad


MATTHEW said...

I spoke with the Demolition foreman last week and he was saying that the facades were "Landmarks" and HAD to be saved.
He also told me that Don Peebles owned the site, so who knows...

David Garber said...

hmm... thanks, on the Peebles tip -- as far as I know it is solely a Jemal / AEDC project, but I'll do some digging.

yes, excited that the facades will stay. With all the changes coming to MLK, the more we can save of the old buildings the better.