Monday, October 15, 2007

Must See: Lessons from the Waterfront

Because today is Blog Action Day, I am posting about this year's topic: the environment. Anacostia is no stranger to environmental issues, most of which begin and end with the river.

At last Thursday's Historic Anacostia Block Association meeting, the Multimedia Training Institute screened their latest film project, dubbed "Lessons from the Waterfront: The Anacostia". It was an impressive film, both because of its enlightening content and the fact that it was produced by a group of Ward 7 & 8 teenagers.

A few lessons I was left with were:
-Do not litter. Most of the trash that gets thrown onto the street gets washed into the storm drains and into the river.
-Build Green. If you have the opportunity, use building materials that are recycled/recyclable, and techniques such as solar panels or vegetation on your roof to save energy.
-Developers: use low-impact development. Plans that help the environment and decrease the negative effects of storm water will really help our river.
Click Here for a Post article on the film

photo for graphic by flickr user Mr. T in DC


Unknown said...

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mrb said...

dg..saving dc!
i have learned that most of the world sweats instead of using a ridic amount of electricity with ac
and hand washes and line dries their clothes. i'm bring these lessons back to dc.
shall we build a green commune. hmm..whose money will we use?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post and your support of more eco-friendly building. Several of my clients are following suit and using more eco-friendly materials as the consumer public is beginning to demand this awareness in development. In case you haven't seen the blog, Cromley Lofts is the first project in Virginia to be certified as 'Green' and D.C. has yet to have a certified building from what I know. Go to cromleylofts[dot]com for more info.