Friday, October 5, 2007

Drake's Stop Work Order

As much as I have been wanting to love the new look of this building, my gut told me that something was amiss. And clearly something was. An email to Historic Preservation informed me that there are a number of violations -- my guess is that it was the non-historic-looking windows and potentially the stucco job that set them off. I was feeling creative tonight, but scroll down a couple posts for some real photos.

This brings up an interesting discussion point--and I am not intending to pick on Drake's here, as its efforts and initiative are truly honorable. However, as a fragile historic district, Anacostia can't afford to stray from its accepted preservation guidelines or a dangerous precedent will be set for future development. Yes, that's a hard line, but it is those guidelines that will ensure we end up with a neighborhood of lasting quality and character. Everyone that I talk to is incredibly eager for restaurants, shops, and the like. But--and this isn't easy-- we need to mandate that the projects that are built both set us apart as well as celebrate our architectural heritage.

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Dusk sky over Anacostia Gateway:

photos and graphic by DG-rad


mrb said...

like the artsy photo!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. While I was beyond excited that construction was begining at Drake's (couldn't wait for those BBQ ribs) I wasn't really a fan of the exterior. In all fairness I know that the construction is a work in progress yet I was begining to see the hallmarks of great intentions/poor design.

Wasn't a fan of the color scheme either - it would have been nice if they could do something cool with the old anacostia sign though - that was the one thing that I liked about that building!

Anonymous said...

so, it seems they've changed the color of the building from that hideous purple to something more palatable, even fitting...brick! :)