Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Hope Updates

1104 Good Hope (near Anacostia Park)
Before: nothin' special

After: pretty spiffy

Drake's: seems to be back on--new 2nd floor windows. The cursive Anacostia sign and clock will be back in place soon, hopefully

Suntrust Building: Looks like they are re-doing the exterior on the side--hopefully on the whole building! (as long as they use good materials and do a good job...)

1429 Good Hope: (Brown one on the left) I saw someone painting in here last week, and asked what was going in. Unfortunately he didn't know. Hopefully not another Tax Service (see neighbors below)

- - -

In other news, the Washington Biz Journal reports that the DC Gov will be taking space in the Anacostia Gateway building. Now that there's a tenant, please let there be good retail! (Please, no banks. Although selfishly a Wachovia branch might be nice.)

That's one fine lookin' building!

photos by DG-rad


Anonymous said...

I know a friend of the family that owns 1429 and the tax service building (red awning). Last time I spoke to them (albiet over the summer) they were making plans to rehab after a fire and hopefully lease the space to a chain vendor. Thought was more along the lines of Starbucks/Quiznos than Eddie Leonards carry out. :)

No idea where that plan stands now.

David Garber said...

Oh, wow! That would be awesome if you could ask them... :)

Anonymous said...

No problem. I will shoot her an email tomorrow. I do remember that she reached out to Starbucks corp and the reaction was mixed - something along the lines of "they wanted to see how the area progressed". I told her to contact Magic Johnson's group who works on putting Starbucks in urban areas (ie Forestville,Largo, etc.). I remember her saying that the response was much more favorable - still no idea what came of it.

DC Metro said...

Nice to see some changes taking place before the full on winter arrives!

Some added retail to the Anacostia Gateway building would also be well appreciated, but it will most likely be a dry cleaner.