Saturday, August 4, 2007

the continuing conversation

There is a good editorial in today's Post that offers good clarification and focus to the Poplar Point discussion. Highlights:
It's wrong to think of Poplar Point as just another hunk of land waiting to be developed in the District of Columbia.
...The success and popularity of D.C. United is undeniable, but Mr. Fenty is smart to keep the city's interests, not the team's, foremost. Absent other plans (which could well include stadium proposals), it's hard to judge what is the best for the District.
...D.C. United's disappointment and that of its backers in Ward 8 is understandable. The community is tired of being told yet again to wait for the commercial and residential development it so desperately needs.
...It's important to stress that Mr. Fenty's action does not preclude D.C. United's project but only ensures that its merits will be weighed against those of other possible developments. If, indeed, it is the best project and one that enjoys widespread community support, D.C. United should have little problem proving it.

The good news is that the efforts attributed to this issue are reminding people outside of Anacostia that yes, our neighborhood exists and it is worthy of public discussion outside of news of violence and urban disrepair.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog, err, I don't see your name anywhere. Anyway, I live in Anacostia and I think the "competitive" approach is the right way, of course. It's just frustrating because we've been going to meeting after meeting on this issue for years and just when it seemed we got some momentum going, Mayor Blackberry (not original) just of parachutes in we're back to square one again. Were we just wasting our time in all of those AWC meetings?