Monday, August 20, 2007

Skyland Meeting Recap 8-15-07

Last Wednesday's meeting about Skyland Town Center was the usual mix: there were some that were against any change at all, and there were others that were eager to see the wrecking ball and a complete re-do of everything that is Skyland. It was really great to meet some of you all there-- let's keep that up!

NEW site plan by Torti Gallas, courtesy of The Rappaport Companies

The most exciting element of the meeting was the unveiling of the revised site plan (above) by Torti Gallas, a town planning and architecture company best known around here for projects like Kenyon Square and Highland Park in Columbia Heights, The Ellington on U Street, Arlington East at Bethesda Row, and the recent Shirlington addition. They are the perfect addition to the Skyland team because they are experts at urban infill with a lasting aesthetic, and at designing spaces where people love to congregate. It will, however, be critical for the buildings to a have a diversity of design (like at the previously mentioned projects or at Rockville Town Square), rather than the sterility often achieved by it all looking the same-- my criticism of some large projects of similar scale such as City Vista in Mt. Vernon Triangle.

OLD site plan by Leo A. Daly

More highlights of the new site plan:
- the new site plan draws the development together, disbursing the parking garages around the site rather than in one unsightly location. (see above OLD site plan)

- better connection with adjacent neighborhood through use of townhomes or low-density multifamily along the Eastern periphery

- natural grade throughout project

- parking above large format retail building

- commitment to design excellence (we'll hold them to that)
If all goes according to plan, we should be able to live/shop/play/work here in March 2011.

header graphic and minor additions to site plan graphic by DG-rad


IMGoph said...

nice to see less surface parking in the new plan!

Anonymous said...

stumbled on this blog this morning and i absolutely LOVE already. recently moved into the area and hopeful about development we are beginning to see. please keep us abreast of any meetings you come across. cheers!

- obs

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Tim said...

i like the blog so far. i think the most important part of this development may be the parking! i think breaking it up is so crucial. no one wants the "town center" feel that's been co-opted bu the suburbs at this point anyway.