Thursday, August 30, 2007

promised pic

Not sure if this is an improvement over the old look, but hopefully these boards are only temporary and signal further work to be done at the building.

photo by DG-rad


Shaw Rez said...

Not to be debbie downer, but this *could* just be work to bring the property up to vacant property/sanitary building code, thus attempting to avoid the condmenation notices that have been getting some bad property owners (e.g., Shiloh Baptist Church) a lot of bad press lately.

But I will cross my fingers that this is, indeed, the sign of progress and new development!

love your blog...

EastRiverProgress said...

At Eastern Market artist-painted plywood boards were an excellent interim look. I contacted one of the non-profits that was working on reestablishing EM but never heard back about who the artists were or how they went about getting it done. For short or long-term projects the city should try to implement this standard.