Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Roots, New Branches

it's that time of year again (just before or after the deep ground freeze) when the DC Department of Transportation plants their new street trees. They get tips from residents, do walk-throughs, and identify spots where new trees are needed.

a lovely row of new trees on U street SE

Anacostia has many such spots, and one of my personal goals has been to re-tree the hood to give its streets the same presence and magnificence as those in other more established neighborhoods.

planting a diverse mix means that if a disease hits, the whole block won't die

One block that saw a ton of new plantings was the 1200 block of U Street SE, home of Rosie's Row and my Flip't DC house (woohoo! prettier street = prettier house). To request street trees for your block, fill out a request online a the Service Request Center.

photos by DG-rad


presbug said...

More trees are great but is any thought given to the overhead wires? We are increasingly struck by power outages and surges. I would rather have the trees than the wires but do they really mix? Just a thought...

David Garber said...

you aren't alone - and the city is becoming more attentive to that issue as well, for better or worse. Most of the species planted are chosen for how tall and wide they will be at maturity.

Now if only we could just get these wires buried underground...