Friday, August 7, 2009

repointing at the new EDC HQ!

it takes a special kind of person to get excited about repointing, but the significance is more in the fact that - awesome - Environmental Design & Construction's headquarters project is starting to move again.

It also means that this great unpainted brick will likely remain natural

check out the great brickwork. we're (usually) too lazy nowadays to do things like that.

Hopefully this rather minor work means that the project is full steam ahead. Probably one of the cooler redevelopments to hit Anacostia in a while.


Anonymous said...

DC really has some of the best Architecture. There aren't many cities in the US that have such detail. Nor the hodgepodge variety in styles. Ward 8 has its own special style too! I'm thinking DHS is going to help bring retail/restaurant owners, its a matter of time before Anacostia is lined with urban shops and restaurants.

Anonymous said...

DC has THE best architecture in my mind. Certainly the best collection of residential housing stock.

Brandon Green said...

Very cool that the brick will stay the same color!

Anonymous said...

What is repointing? Just curious.

David Garber said...

repointing is essentially repairing and / or replacing the mortar between the bricks.

good article from This Old House:,,232787,00.html

Urban Architect said...

Another super excited soul to hear about repointing---->right here!!!