Friday, August 7, 2009

playground sprouting at Savoy

For the past couple days teams have been hard at work constructing the new playground outside the school (the school is looking amazing, by the way). Kids from the summer jobs program, Americorps volunteers, park rangers, Screaming Eagles, and others are putting together what looks to be a really great playground made out of composite decking. Slides, monkey bars, towers, and sliding poles a'plenty!

nailing in the finishing touches on a colorful window

some of the smiling Americorps volunteers

it takes three to hoist up the green monkey bars

I can't wait for this project to be finished. For a long time a banner hung on the school calling it "the pride of Anacostia" - which it most definitely was not. But that's exactly what it's turning into! This is the kind of school (building, at least) people will be extatic to send their kids to.


Brandon Green said...

Looks great--always nice to see neighbors helping out to make their community better.

Dyer said...

I wish I could say something more relevant than to commend you on the AMAZING photography here! I'm totally jealous, drooling with envy! Great news, also--bravo.