Thursday, November 20, 2008

the good kind of change

i love good change. sure, the bad stuff happens: someone builds an ugly house on your block, the city repaves a brick sidewalk with asphalt, get the drift.

then, every so often, really cool changes happen: like some of the great things happening on MLK. Take 2026 near the corner with V, for example. Used to be Tower Cleaners. Cleaners left. Building went up for sale, but nobody wanted it because it was a too much of a project, and had lost a lot of its charm as a result of some careless reno's:

get this. still for sale, but they've sweetened the deal: new windows (the nice, historic-district-appropriate kind), new storefront, new dairy-chic door, fresh look:

Wanna buy the building and do something ridiculously sweet? Here's the listing.

and speaking of good change - check out the awesome new Fireside sign. They've been working on their space a lot over the past few months, so check it out if you haven't.

got. to. love it.

photos by DG-rad

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