Friday, November 14, 2008

don't miss out...

...on the Anacostia Waterfront Community Fair tomorrow from 1-5 PM at Nationals Park. Rain or shine.

Should be a good comprehensive way to learn about what's going on around the river. Developers, city agencies, and even clowns will be in attendence.


IMGoph said...

will be there, as well as the st. e's tour tomorrow as well.

Sariane Leigh said...

This was a great fair with lots of information about 90 percent of the topics that affect Historic Anacostia. The had a very knowledgeable rep who answered all my questions about the street car, historic preservation and lots of opportunities to meet with leaders and members of our community.

The things they didn't discuss were
1) employment and housing for Anacostis's low income residents
2) Realistic Time lines considering the current economic crisis

All in all this really boosted my confidence that our community will reap the benefits of DC development

David Garber said...


I was at both events as well. loved St. E's, and thought the fair was really great. good to have everything all in one place, with the experts just waiting to be asked a million questions.

Anonymous said...

The AWI event was great. I stayed the whole time. I thought there would've been more people there.