Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Savoy School Gutted

hopefully soon will live up to its slogan

Savoy Elementary is well under construction, which is a pretty exciting thing after seeing its prison-like presence in such a prominent location for so long.

From a 2006 update (PDF):
The modernization will ensure the facility is right sized to meet its enrollment, but with room to grow, should this be needed to support the neighborhood development and change in Anacostia.

Regarding goals of the District, the Savoy Modernization and Co-location project implements priorities to co-locate and share public land and space among other public entities. The project provides physical education, athletic, health and fitness space to the students of the Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School, as well as those at Savoy Elementary School. In addition, the Department of Recreation, which has operated after school and youth programming at Savoy for many years, will operate expanded programs from the new shared use gymnasium facility.

Finally, as a part of Main Street growth and development, there will be approximately 6,400 square feet of space available on the second floor of the health and fitness areas on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd that will be available for commercial use. This will provide DCPS with income that can support the maintenance and operations of the facility. In addition, there will be store fronts on MLK, Jr Blvd. These are designed to support museum, art or retail displays in support of culture, education and business on the main street.




entrance at MLK:

photos and graphic by DG-rad

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see the school is getting redone. It used to be an oppressive sight to see right after getting off the Metro, and presented a bad face for Anacostia.