Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anacostia High School in 1939

Some great photos courtesy of the National Photo Company Collection:

dang they are good ..and why are the guys wearing those uniforms?

Are there still shop classes in DC Public Schools?

I guarantee you those awesome doors have been replaced with prison-esque metal ones

One commenter on Shorpy referenced this amazing find:
"Anacostia, the future haven of beauty, will in the next fifty years be the most popular community in the entire District of Columbia....In the course of time this southeast portion of the city will be 'The Spot.' There will be perfect living conditions here and only time will tell when it will be necessary to spread out farther in all directions to let the mass pour in."
—Charles Hamman, "The Anacostia of Tomorrow," from a 1938 class project for Miss Agnes Tweedie, Anacostia High School

Of course, that wasn't such a crazy notion back then, before the highway was built separating Anacostia from its greatest asset and DC shortsightedly built a large portion of its public housing stock in the surrounding neighborhoods. We're getting back on track now, but man did mid-20th century planning really hurt the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

That is such a cool quote, wonder if kids in school today have a similarly optimistic view of Anacostia.

IMGoph said...

if everything is done right, that quote will eventually be right...just late

Anonymous said...

The guys wearing the uniforms were cadets in the ROTC program. ROTC was required of all male students in DC High Schools/

Term Paper said...

These Schools were Amazing, Good to see their pictures...