Wednesday, July 23, 2008


From Beyond Bread, Bread for the City's blog that focuses mostly on affordable housing in the District:

Anacostia History II
Ms. Tate described the run-down buildings along Good Hope Rd., which once housed thriving businesses such as a five-and-dime store, two dress shops, and a hardware store. “Good Hope Rd. was built up, had more buildings; it was like coming into a little city, a little country town,” she said.
With Gentrification, Small Businesses Take the Hit
This is not just the story of "giant Walmart kills the local mom and pop store" but also a story of how development in inner-city neighborhoods often pushes out local convenience stores and ethnic-specific retailers to make room for national chains.
And from the Wall Street Journal:

The End of White Flight
Washington -- where African-Americans have been in the majority for a half-century -- has lost about 80,000 black residents between 1990 and 2006. Whites had been leaving, too, but recently they've started coming back.
photo of oldest building in Anacostia by DG-rad


Matt Siemer said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for the link--that's really nice of you. By the way, I tried to link to one of your articles in East of the River, and was shocked to find that it isn't online! What's the deal there?

DG-rad said...

it should be online here:

in the neighborhood news section. you might have to search the archives for past months...

Matt Siemer said...

Ah. Much appreciated.