Saturday, June 28, 2008


It was a beautiful, albeit ridiculously hot day for a stroll through the neighborhood. This post is all over the place, so get ready.

Honestly, this building at the corner of Good Hope and 15th would not have been one of Keller Williams "Preferred Properties" even last year. Love that it is now. (I think that there is already a contract on it)

This is what the building was planned to become.

Good ol' Drake's, looking from Good Hope Road. Word from Drake himself is that the restaurant is still coming, and that a new cursive "Anacostia" sign should adorn the front of the building soon.

This is what the old sign looked like. I think the new one will be an exact replica. Should be pretty cool lookin'.

photo courtesy of flickr user ellievanhoutte

This is one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. It reminds me of New Orleans.

Remember how this playground wasn't finished during the whole HGTV weekend? Well, it's up now.

Yep, this is a sign from 4 years ago. You can add littering to the list of laws Marion Barry has broken.

Remember the Carver Theater building? Turns out they built a sweet giant glass skylight on top.

photos by DG-rad


The Hitchcocks said...

Hey David!

I just saw your comment on our blog from last April (the comment on our Nell contest). Great to hear from you! I saw the article on Anacostia where you (or Mr. Graber!) are quoted several times. Nice!


Mr. B said...

Hey there,

Just thought I'd send a brief greeting and some commendation on the blog you run. I'm from Anacostia, went to college in Iowa, and now live in New Orleans as a teacher (and yes, that one house certainly has a New Orleans flavor). My family, sad to say, recently left DC for Chesterfield, VA, so I have very little connection to DC except through yours and other blogs about DC. Thanks for your neighborhood strolls and reporting; it keeps me connected to home!